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Steve Ricketts

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Steve Ricketts

I first became interested in photography in 2010 as a pre-retirement project and as a homage to my Dad, and I discovered that I enjoyed it immensely. I love how photography can tell a story. One can write at length about a topic, but an image can be very powerful.


I’m mostly self-taught; i.e. I have no formal training in photography or in art. I’m not exactly artistic. If anything, I’m the opposite; I’m a scientist by education and career, and I take a very scientific and logical approach to photography.


I mostly do landscape photography, but I also enjoy experimenting with shooting weather (storms) and atmospheric phenomena (aurora, noctilucent clouds), portraiture, urban photography, and the blur created by intentional camera movement. I am constantly looking for images that capture a special moment.


Over the years, I have found myself drawn to black & white photography as I like how it draws the viewer’s attention to the contrast and texture in landscapes. I often use a telephoto lens and zoom in on a small area to capture simple lines and curves.


While the Alberta Rockies are the home of spectacular scenery, there is beauty in the Alberta prairies too, and I find myself increasingly drawn to shooting the landscape in and around my home in Sherwood Park, especially in Strathcona, Lamont, Minburn, and Two Hills Counties.


That is, rather than take the viewer on a journey to marvel at the grandeur of the Rockies, I prefer to take them on a journey around my backyard to show them the subtle beauty of the Prairies.

Please visit my website to see my images:

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