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Dianna M. Sapara


Pearls of Passion
Set of 3


Dianna M. Sapara
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Dianna is an artist living and painting in rural Alberta. Professional artists in Canada and the United States have inspired and her advancement, through their teaching and instructions.

Her work can be seen in many rural art shows throughout Alberta & Saskatchewan, also in a select group of Retailers / Galleries in Alberta & B.C.

Dianna started her exploration into the arts at a very early age, with pencil, then with ink. Although she dabbled with watercolor, she found a love with acrylics and oils that has lasted for about 30 years, until she discovered encaustic wax in 2008. 

In encaustic, there are a variety of ways to create: sculpting, painting, cutting, pouring, burning or a combination of them all. Because of the variety of tools and materials used to manipulate art, the imagination is unlimited. Although she still ventures back to her Acrylics and Oils when the mood strikes her.

Her inspirations creep up as a fleeting moment usually triggered the beauty and love of nature around her. She throws herself in emotionally becoming completely absorbed in her own world of art. Her paintings start with an inner emotion or memory that desires to be revisited. An idea is released and then it transforms. 

Dianna had completed her teachers' instructional training in Whitefish, Montana and is currently taking students.

Member of the following organizations:

ACACA - Alberta Community Art Clubs Association

ASSC - Art Society of Strathcona County, Sherwood Park, Alberta

Canwax West - Western Canada Encaustic Artist - BC

Gallery@501 - Sherwood Park, Alberta

IEA - International Encaustic Artists- Santa Fa, New Mexico, USA
VVA - Vegreville Visual Artists , Vegreville, Alberta

EAI - Encaustic Art Institute

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