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Trish Anderson

Patricia Anderson

Wedged into the heart of the Canadian Rockies, Patricia grew up in beautiful Elk Valley, that is blessed with such wonderful natural surroundings.

Her passion was heightened by the mountains that cradle the Valley, the abundance of wildlife, lush green forests alive with wildflowers along with watching her mother paint.

Patricia put her desire to paint aside for many years, while working and raising her family.  After her retirement and inheriting her mother's misplaced painting supplies, her desire to paint was reignited.

In 1993 she started sketching and painting again.  Patricia loves to experiment with different mediums as well, oils, watercolors and encaustics, however acrylics is her medium of choice.   She enjoys taking workshops and classes with others artists in a variety of mediums and techniques.

Patricia immerses herself into her creative process, which she finds fulfilling and engaging.

She has shown her work at the Vegreville Art Walk, as well as some Art Shows.

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