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Lorraine Ziegler

Lorraine Ziegler

Lorriane has been painting since 1985.  She loves to paint with watercolours and acrylics.  The paintings are mostly of the scenery in the Vegreville area but many are also from places she has travelled to.  She has been blessed with a God given talent to draw and paint.  Mixing colours seemed to come naturally to her, however, that does not mean that she did not have to work at it, as one never stops learning when it comes to Art.  Over the years she has taken many courses and workshops which have helped develop her talent further.  She has instructed Art classes through Lakeland Community College and later through VegMin Learning Society for numerous years.  Instructing has helped her to be more creative.  Her paintings are in every province in Canada and a few are in the United States and overseas.


Her family has been very supportive of her Art.  She lives on a farm near Vegreville with her husband, Clinton, where they have farmed for 50 years and have a grain operation with their son.  They have three children and now have seven grandchildren.  Family and her Art are very important to her as well as her Church, Community and travelling to exotic places.  She feels very blessed to be able to enjoy all these things in her life and expresses them in her Art.

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