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Marg Varga

(780) 902-3537

Marg Varga

(780) 902-3537

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After retiring from teaching, Marg felt there was a missing piece to her life, the desire to be "creative". 

She has always loved glass work of all forms. She became interested in fused glass specifically, after creating and working with an artist to make a mural for a school wall. She was hooked and so this led her to her first class on fused glass at Four Winds Studio in Edmonton. 

She uses Bullseye glass, which comes in many colours as transparent, opalescent and iridescent glass, in sheets, powdered, frit or stringer.

The glass is cut and arranged and then fired in a glass kiln to varying temperatures, depending on the desired end product.

Marg is experimenting with the many techniques used in that can be used to create her art pieces. Her inspiration from the landscapes she sees, the places she visits or from just "playing around" with new techniques she is learning.

She has attended workshops in Seattle with Master Artist Michael Dupille, and Stephanie Mader on Whidbey Island, on how to "paint" with glass. She makes some functional pieces such as plates, window hangers, but her passion is landscapes and outdoor themed pieces.

Marg is one of the original leaders and organizers of the Vegreville Visual Artists. The group has provided support for local artists and has created public art pieces for the town. She believes in the importance of visual art in her community.

Her work has been donated to various non-profit groups, and fund-raising events. Marg has participated in markets and art shows. her work is in the ASSC Art Gallery in Sherwood Park and the Upper Level Pottery & Art Gallery in Vermilion. She was fortunate to show her work at the Rachel Notley's ART FROM THE UNKNOWN show in 2019 and the online Gallery in 2021. 

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