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Heather Paziuk

Heather Paziuk

Heather Paziuk (nee Hoggins) grew up on the family farm located on the original townsite of Vegreville five miles southwest of town. When she was 10 or 11 years old, she received her first camera, a Kodak Instamatic from her Grandpa Hoggins, and so began her love of photography.


Coupled with her love of people and nature, she has since taken thousands of photos. Thanks to digital technology she has recently begun printing some onto canvas. Now that she is retired, Heather enjoys having more time to pursue photography as well as rekindling her interesting oil, acrylic and watercolor painting. 


Heather sees photo opportunities everywhere she looks.  Sometimes it's a wintry country vista or a brilliant sunset.  Sometimes it's a tiny "frame" of a bigger view where a splash of color or the glint of sun on a raindrop catches her eye.  She loves seeking out and preserving these snapshot moments and memories.


Since becoming a member of VVA, she has participated in the VVA Art Walk 2019 and shows.  Heather’s pieces are on display with the VVA galleries at the Vegreville Library, St. Joseph's Hospital, Vegreville Dental Centre, as well at Skyline and Regent Health.

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