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Lynda Olsen

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Lynda Olsen
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Interested in a variety of media and styles, it is difficult to describe what Lynda Olsen’s artistic style is all about.  From a young age she would spend countless hours, colouring, doodling, and getting lost in a world of imaginative design.  At eight years old, she had so many requests to design custom recipe cards from family friends, she decided to call her venture the “Creative Crayon” and charge 50 cents per recipe.  Each recipe would be rewritten in her best calligraphy with cute side doodles on the recipe card.

Fast forward to high school years, and she excelled in Art class, with awards for visual arts in grades 10, 11, and 12.  In 1994, Lynda graduated from the Graphic Sign Arts program at the Northern Alberta Institute for Technology.  This program was formerly known as the Commercial Sign Writing program.  Since 1996, Lynda has been living in Vegreville, Alberta where she started a small sign making business. 

In 2011, she had a growing interest in photography, and with the support of her husband Soren, started to learn more and more about photography and gaining a small following of loyal clients.  Her work has been in calendars and sold commercially as well.  With a small home photo studio, she enjoys meeting families, working with models and going out to cover community events.  The beauty of Nature is also one of her favourite genres to capture with her camera.

Looking to present day, Lynda has downsized her sign making business, to mail order only.  Generally, she is busy spending her days, (and nights) as a full time Baba, raising her two beautiful granddaughters, leaving little time to run a business or for photography appointments.  In turn, this change in lifestyle has revamped her interests in all things creative as it is such a big part of raising children.  All of the colouring and doodling that Lynda enjoyed as a child is now once again a part of her daily life.  This has inspired her to try painting.  The paints of choice are usually watercolour, and acrylic paints.  Recently she has tried some fun rock painting and found it to be very fun activity. Lynda’s newest artistic interest has been pysanky.  This traditional Ukrainian egg writing and decoration is something she did as a child, and is once again discovering how much fun it can be.

Currently there are no art pieces for sale, as Lynda is building her portfolio.

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